Help with IDing 19th century casings

Hi guys,

I have to ID some cartridge casings that I dug up this summer in an archaeological survey. The location is a border pass / quarantine between Romania and Austria-Hungary that was established in early 19th century (aprox. 1840-1850) and was active until aproximately 1910. The casings come from the “later” area of the settlement and #1 and #3 were discovered in a trash pit behind the main building. #2 comes from another location in the same general area (a watch post).

#1 and #2 are very similar in terms of dimensions but they have different rim styles and primers. I think they are both 11.3x36R Gasser revolver (“Montenegrin”) made by different manufacturers, one using a regular base and Boxer or Roth priming (#1) and one using the Mauser-A rim and Berdan priming (#2). I`d really appreciate if you could confirm or infirm my theory. I ruled out the 11.2x36R Werndl Carbine cartridge M77 as there is no visible neck on any of the casings. Also, i attached some shots with the two casings compared to a 11.2x42R Werndl.

#3 was recovered damaged and continued to deteriorate during transport and cleaning. I`m happy i could still get its dimensions. I could not properly ID it, the matches could be:
-11.35x17R Danish 1865
-11mm French Navy

Make sure to check the dimension sketches at the end. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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I decided to include these two here as well (#4 and #5). This time without drawings, as there’s no need since I ID’ed both of them. Still, i’d appreciate your input on the previous ones. Upon further reflection I think it’s more plausible that #1 was fired by a Werndl carbine, as the off-center and clearly non-perpendicular strike of the firing pin.

#4 - 7mm pinfire revolver cartridge. 3 character headstamp : A11 or A14.
#5 - 15.2x40R Krnka model 1869. Very demaged but very recognisible.


I think under number #4 hs is actually AIK (Anton Ignaz Krebs)

yes, if you enlarge the pic, you can clearly see the AIK markings… (Austria)


Hi ,me again.
I took a look at your drawings and my opinion is #1 and #2 are this

Thanks for the replies, guys!
Yes,as mentioned in the first post, to me they also look to be 11.3x36R “Montenegrin” but again, i have my doubts regarding the off-center and non-perpendicular firing pin imprint from #1.