Help with information on these two 9mmP boxes

I am in the process of trying to sort out my room a bit so I have at least some spots on the floor where the rug is visible. In the process I came across the two boxes below that I can fine nowhere in my memory.

Does anyone know anything about “Justice Ammunition”? A current address would be great. The internet says:

Justice Ammunition
733 West Anaheim Street
Long Beach, CA 90813
Phone: (562) 496-3440

Justice Ammunition Inc is a privately held company in Long Beach, CA and is a Single Location business.

Categorized under Small Arms Ammunition. Our records show it was established in 1989 and incorporated in California. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of 520000 and employs a staff of approximately 10.

I called the number but got no answer. I suspect they have long been out of business.

If there is a Forum member in the Long Beach area who has nothing better to do, a drive by would be appreciated.

Below is the image of the address. I can’t zoom enough to read the signs.

The second box looks Danish or US to me based on the colors of the label and/or language.
Clearly a 9mm blank (Is it a 9mm Para blank!!!) for the 40mm ???

I did find a similar looking container on the internet.

Does anyone know who made this and what this blank looks like? Any information would be appreciated.


I am quite sure that 17-A466 is a Dutch interchange code, not Danish. Apart from this code, the type designations No. 420 and No. 421 (not a model number like M32) also seem to point to the Netherlands.

Lew, those Dutch contract blanks are not 9x19 but 9x17R for the 40 mm practice cartridge used in grenade launchers. Headstamp is PTS . 9mm KNALL . (manufacturer is Pyrotechnik Silberhütte GmbH, Germany).



Many thanks!!! Something else I don’t need.


Lew, them it is.

Source: Dutch manual.


Does anyone have any information on Justice Ammunition?


Lew - I cannot add much information to what you have already discovered. I am pretty sure that the “Justice Ammunition Company” for which you found a site IS the company for this ammunition. To my knowledge, all of their ammunition was reloads. If they produced any “new ammunition” it was probably loaded on available commercial components from other companies.

Attached below is a caliber and bullet weight-specific label. There is an end label, but because a line of print folds under the bottom, a scan of that is not practical. I will simply type precisely what it says, which is really only a declaration of quality (in the loading company’s opinion, of course):

These cartridges are loaded on automatic machinery using only the highest quality components. We guarantee that due care and caution were utilized in manufacture, but assume no further responsibility in their use."

The box label, to my knowledge, violates California law (perhaps it is Federal Law - I should know, but forget right now) - in that it does not offer any form of contact address, and does not contain the “Warning - Keep out of the Hands of Children” anywhere on the box.

I received this box empty (range pick up) and have had it some time, stored as I do reload boxes for auto pistol ammunition, in large cartons, rather than in my cabinets, because I do not seek out boxes for reloaded ammunition, but keep them for reference if the come to me. Sorry I can’t give documented information as to whether these were reloads or new ammunition on components from outside vendors.

John Moss