Help with maxim contract

When the US bought the Virgin Islands from Denmark, part of the payment should be in cartridges for the M1889 rifle (Danish 8 × 58 mm) and a contract was made with Maxim Munitions Corporation. The quality was very bad though and a new contract was made with Remington UMC.
are there anyone who knows more about this topic?

The image is one of the maxim manufactured cartridges.

I wrote a three-part article for the IAA Journal on various connections between the Maxim Cartridge Company, the J.B. Wise Ammunition Company, and the U.S.C.Co. The section on Maxim is in IAA Journal Issue 493, Sep/Oct 2013, with the discussion of the M M C 1916 and M M C 1917 8 x 58R Danish Krag on pages 22 and 31.

Bear in mind this was an ammunition article on three specific companies, so there is no discussion of Danish Model 1889 Rifles, nor of the transfer of the Danish Contract. I know little or nothing about either, and they were outside of the scope of the article. Further, in my research for this article, I found no particular mention of bad quality from Maxim, although that perhaps in not surprising. They did have problems during the short time they were making ammunition. At any rate, that particular information is not covered.

If you do not have access to these, send me a Personal Message to include you mailing address and I will send you copies of those 3 pages. If preferred, I can scan them and send them as attachments to an email.

John Moss