Help with PPU 7.65 Br. box

I just came across this image which was in the German ECRA bulletin.

Is there anybody who actually has such a box and could provide a scan or centered 90° photo of the logo used here? (for all highest possible resolution)

Any help would be highly appreciated as I need to extract the logo and rework it for use in a database.

Alex - I have sent you by personal email four different Logos. If you wish to put them on this Forum to fill out the thread, it is fine by me. I really think you should, and I did not simply because I don’t know how, as everyone knows, and thought it would be easy for you. They include the one you specifically asked for. All are at 300 PPI. If you wish them at higher resolution, I will redo them, although I have found 300 to be good for any purpose I have had to date.

I hope they are of some assistance and interest.

John, thanks a lot! As I mentioned in the answer to your e-mail the max possible resolution will be the best as I have to cut out the logos and transform them into a sharp edged b/w image.

Here the images John sent, to my surprise he had another logo I had not noticed before (the yellow one):

Thanks to John everything got solved!