Help with some 7.62x54R IDs please

I’ve just picked up a couple of 7.62x54R that I cannot identify the manufacturer of despite searching my usual list of web sites. Any help greatly appreciated.

56 over 31:

Cannot make out the first digit. ?988 over 50:

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56 31 PRC factory 31, 1956
188 Soviet Factory, can’t remember name.

Doc AV

Factory 188 is JSC (Joint Stock Company) Novosibirsk Cartridge Works, a Division of Novosibirsk Low-Voltage Equipment works.

John Moss

Thank you. I forgot that some of these have the date at 12 o’clock and the factory code at 6 o’clock. I did consider 188 initially but it looks rather wide and more like a 9 or 8. I guess I didn’t think a 1 could get ‘smudged’ into what it looks like now.

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It is fake news from Russia. Be careful. 1 looks like 2, 3 or any mumber you want.