Help with the design of the display cabinet

Hi everybody. I have a hobby of collecting cartridges. The law in the country where I live doesn’t allow the possession of weapons, so it took me a long time to collect this small amount. The only thing I use to store these cartridges is a can of ammo. I would love to design a small display cabinet in my bedroom myself. Can someone who has such a display cabinet please post a photo so I can refer? thank you very much!


I built this for a small display. The construction is pretty simple - I just cut grooves in the vertical pieces to fit with the horizontal pieces.

Tony, nice collection!
What country you are living at?
I see some really interesting typical Russian/Soviet and WAPA/CHICOM calibers.
Any chance you could show us the headstamps? Maybe in a separate thread?


i think he lives in vietnam ,he has 5.56 copper washed steel cases

small but very nice collection !!!


Can you perhaps post some more pictures of this shotshell?
Including the headstamp?

Cannot help you with the display! I have my entire collection in cabinets with drawers.

Regards Rene


That is a very nice collection. I think I see at least one 9 x 18 mm Makarov round in the picture (called Type 59 by the Chinese). Could you give us a picture of the headstamps of any 9 x 18 Makarov rounds you have, or if not, at least type out what the headstamp(s) say?

This is a caliber of interest to a lot of people, and of very special interest to me.

John Moss

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i think i see two 9mm makarov
the one with copper washed case and another with brass case

I am more thrilled by the 7.62x39 blank with yellow seal, the 5.56x45 copper clad steel cases (Vietnamese?), the 7.62x39 brass case with red CM and the 7.62x54R with green tip and green CM.
And I am sure the other WAPA calibers will bear more surprises…

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thanks. I think this will suit me

Tony - is that a yes or a no for posting pictures of the Makarov headstamps, or at least information about what the headstamps say?

John Moss

If you are interested, here is a picture of Shotshell:

headstamp codes Makarov I have in mind: 21 and S&B. I know they are very popular nowadays. I am looking for Makarov made in Vietnam, and will share it here.

I think this 7.62x39 blank is less common


Thank you very much!!!
Never ever seen this before!
Now I need to find one for my collection.

Only Vietnamese I have is an old Belgian made for a shop in Saigon.

Regards Rene

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Thanks for the pictures Tony. I was looking for old posts, about the dangers of wood vs metal for storage and display cabinets. I found these, and hope they help.


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Thanks very much

Incredible! A Vietnamese blank!
Thanks a lot Tony!

Any chance for images of the other WAPA calibers?
I see quite some interesting ones there.

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I have a 9x19 with headstamp code 811. I don’t think it’s common, nor do I know what country it’s made in (probably China, not sure).

Great, the first #811 in 9x19 I see.
China is correct.

Please keep on with the others. :blush:

do you had headstamps of black circled rounds
you can simply wrote this instead of picture

i circled two 9mm PAK blank rounds ,in vietnam can you get blank replicas ?