Help with this 20x110

I ordered a 20mm from, assuming it was a 20x102, but it was a 20x110. No bother. I am kind of confused about it though. Is it uncommon or rare? I ordered it for 10 bucks. I also want to know what kind of 20x110 it is. My money is on the Hispanio-Suzia because of the rim dimensions. Dimensions for the rim are 24mm, and it is a rimless case. The headstamp is, on top, CARTRIDGE/DRILL. On bottom, it is M18A1/20MM GUN. The slash indicates a new line. There are 2 holes, one on each side of the primer pocket. The round is solid gray, and kind of looks like galvanized steel.

As I have no info for you, a picture may be helpful… This is probably the round you are referring to?


Check out this thread for some pics and info:



That’s the one, RimPin. I ordered the other dummy, so it might just have been a mess up on their part. No matter to me.

If you want a 20x102 dummy, definitely don’t pay $10. I have scads of them; I’ll sell you one for $5 + shipping. They’re well-worn though.