Help with this little guy?

Was given 6 of these and the rifle. Any idea what cal this is?
Thank You

Hi PJ, welcome!
It reminds me of a .357 Harrett, but that is a rimmed cartridge, and this looks rimless. What is the headstamp on this cartridge, and what is the gun stamped for caliber? (They are usually restamped if changed.) Also, what gun is it?

Thanks, Dan

.351 Winchester Self Loader?

I will take a pic of the rifle.

The case is Greek surplus - 1952. The diameter of the case looks too fat to be a .30 carbine case, but it could be a cut-down 30-06 case loaded with something like a .429 bullet. That would be a “.44-06” wildcat, which is essentially a short .444 Marlin. Only way to get ammo for that is to hand load cut-down cases. What is the diameter of the bullet - .30", .35", .40", or .43" ?

Here is a pic of the rifle

When I measure at the base I get 40mm.

A Swiss Vetterli. Maybe Doc will know the caliber…

It would be nice to find a commercially available ammo to run through this and not just the 6 wildcat cartridges that I have on hand.

I recommend to have a gunsmith or an experienced reloader make a chamber casting of the rifle to be sure about the cartridge it is now chambered for. You never know who might have made modifications to the barrel to “adapt” it to available ammunition.

30-06 next to this. This rifle was made for a short cartridge.

My local gunsmith was dumbfounded. I guess I should find a better one who will do a casting.

I would like to suggest that you don’t even consider shooting any of these cartridges in this rifle; or in any other for that matter. Jack

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The Swiss Vetterli looks like a Civilian Target Rifle, made in one of the 10.3 calibre Shuetzen Cartridges ( Centrefire) ?? 10.3 Baenziger??
The Cartridge shown is definetely not for the Vetterli…despite the similarity of bullet diameter…
Do a chamber cast before proceeding, and check one of the older editions of COTW. New editions have deleted a lot of antique cartridges.

Doc AV

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