Help with Trench Art ashtray 4.5 Howitzer?

A friend has this great item & is going to list it on Ebay but I have asked her to wait a day or two as I am hoping that you will assist me again.

There are plenty of markings & originally I thought MF signified the Footsray Ammunition Factory Australia but I don’t know if they used a star in between.

No measurements but I can find out if necessary.

Is this a 4.5 inch Howitzer??

Also hoping for an ID on the Lady; could she be a car mascot (I know this is not a car forum but …)

Thanks momma

The headstamp is difficult to read, the stamping is fairly fine and feint. It looks like it is marked 4.5 HOW which would indicate the howitzer. The headstamp style is typically British or British Commonwealth, note the broad arrow mark. MF would probably be the Australian manufacturer, the little star looks to be a separate mark which happened to fall between the letters. Note that the primer is stamped plain MF. Nice looking lady too.