OK,here it is: “the official can you pls help me thread”

After I committed myself to make an overview of lot numbers for military 30-06 cartridges,
I did a lot of reading, surfing etc etc. I found a lot of info, but also found “strange” things.
EG if you go to HWS volume 1 pages 149 & 185, you see an Armor Piercing and a
Tracer box with same loading date ( Date, loader, machine and even lot number).
Is that possible (or likely) , two types of ammo on the same line on the same day with the same lot numbers ???

As said, I gathered a lot of info but there is still a lot outstanding. I have to contact some
people, do dbl-checks etc etc. However you can help me too.
In case you have a box of military US 30-06, with original content, pls drop me a line with only the following information:

  1. Manufacturer
  2. Load
  3. Lot number
  4. headstamp

no need for long stories etc only something like:
Frankford Arsenal, Ball M1, FA 2160, FA 41

no worries, I will delete your e-mail after I have added the info into my list
and I won’t reply to you unless you want me to.
Pls send the data to: 30-06cartridges (at) web (dot) de

I decided to concentrate on Ball ,AP, Tracer, API and Incendiary.
Because Blanks & dummies are often made of reloaded cases, I will not include those.
Of course , you can reply to this thread.

Thanks a lot for your help !!!




As I said before, you’ve taken on a big job.

I have some information to send you but before I do I have a couple of questions. I’m asking them here because others may have the same questions.

  1. If the box is open there is no 100% guarantee that the cartridges are original unless the box was opened by the owner. Do you want us to make a note regarding this?

  2. If the box is sealed and there is no way to view the headstamp do you want the information? Some of us do not want to open sealed boxes.

  3. How about bandoliers of clipped cartridges. Some bandos have a card with the lot number. Or, are you only interested in boxes?

  4. Do you have a starting and ending year? All Cal .30? WW II? Korean War?

Good Luck




some good questions. Pls see below:

  1. Good idea !!, yes please
  2. Don’t think that is necessary. For example: Frankford Arsenal produced Tracer M2 cartridges from 1942 (Lot no 1) to 1943 (Lot no 120).
    I know that Lot no 33 was still in 1942 and that Lot no 83 was from 1943.
    A calculated guess would be that around Lot 60 to 70 would mark the change in years,
    but I do not need to know that somebody owns a box with lot number 15 or so.
  3. I will concentrate on boxes first, maybe if I have a clue how this whole lot-number thing works
    I will expand to bandoliers etc as well.
  4. 30-06 only, but from the beginning to the end

F. Hackley mentions as source in his IAA journal article TB 9-AMM 4.
Does anybody have a copy of that one. I can’t find it as download in the internet and
maybe it contains good information for me.

Thanks again