Helping for EC Blank powder

I need complete information about EC blank powder.
For example books and any document
I need them teaching in COLLAGE.
I will be thank full every one that help me.
Thanks for all of you.

You mean College?

I am sorry.
Yes.I mean college.

My apologies. I should have realized that you are not a native English speaker. My reply to you was dumb.

Now, on to your request… I think I have some information on EC Powder, published by du Pont. However, I just moved and, at this minute, can only guess which box of books it would be in.

How soon do you need this information? Do you have specific questions or just want to know about it? I have over 400 books and reloading manuals and knowing what you want could help me find what you want faster.

Thanks for paying attention my request.
I need them for reading and teaching in class.
I will thank full if you can send me.
I think it is not urgent soon.

I read alot of refrence book for Ec blank powder and I got alot of information about.
But what dose E.C stand for?

I searched alot but I did not understand.

One refrence I read that E.C. means Explosive Company.
But it is not clear forme.
Explosive company what does mean??

It is Explosives Company and simply is the name of this company, which made explosives.

I suggest you go to the web page and search for “encyclopedia of explosves”. From there you can download each of 10 volumes of this monumental work, which is dated but extremely good at history of this field.