Helping for identifing fuze

I have a fuze can that has below label.
I want to get information about Fuze and ammunition that this fuze is used them?
Thanks alot



It is a ‘Bulpitt’ container for the Royal Navy N97 multi-role fuze used on Naval 4.5" HE projectiles.
The fuze is essentially a proximity fuze coupled with a mechanical time and DA fuze. It has four modes of operation that are selectable immediately prior to loading the gun. The modes are Direct Action, VT Low & High, and Post Impact delay which are selected to optimize the time of explosion in relation to the point of contact with the target.

For image of fuze see here -

This photo belongs to N97 Fuze?

Which photo?

I sent a photo of fuze and a label.
I mean fuze photo

Yaserdoma, is your fuze from the container with the fuze you have shown?
Means do they belong together?

I got just a photo and a lebel.
I dont know whether both of them related to one subject or not.

TIMG sent information about lebel.
I asked him information about fuze photo.
Because I am not sure the lebel is related to photo.

Yaserdoma, to what I understand your images are not related then.

Does your fuze have any markings besides those we can already see?

I got photo from my friend by e-mail.
I asked him for marking.
But I have not got response yet

Can you also ask him if the fuze fits a 122mm M-21 rocket?
Or if the thread and det. assembly is identical to a MRV-U fuze?

You think the photo is related MRV-u and MJ4?

And belongs to 122m m21?


I got this MRV photo From Net.
It is different the photo I send before.

This is why I am asking your friend to compare the fuze.

You think that first photo i send that is mrv?


Your second post, the image is not of a N97 fuze