Helping me post pictures for identification

Good evening to everyone, I am looking for someone to help me post some pictures I have in my email that a good friend sent me.
I would like to forward the emails to you to post in General Ammunition Collector Discussion. And once everyone can see what we have I would then like to post in Buy and Sell.

He does want to sell these German aircraft ordadnance, all inert. I do not know what any of these things are, there is a very small list on what could be there, thank you, Tony Albanese, “craftee158”

Go here

Choose your file, then click on “resize”.

Choose the 15" screen option

Click “upload now” ,write what appears in the window and click upload now

Copy the link “IMG for forums and message boards”

Copy the link in your posts.

You can also try this to learn how to post photos to the forum. T his explains how to use the free PhotoBucket.

There is a link at the top of Forum called “Posting Images on the Forum”. It explains in detail how to do it using Photobucket.