"Helson's" British gunmaker

Do you know a gunmaker called “Helson’s” who was in England at the beginning of the 20th century ?


J. Helson, Exeter, Devonshire. Did three cartridges (that I know of) I have a couple of them.


thank you !

As eight bore said J .Helson loaded "The Demon,"The Invincible "and Victor brand shot shells. Address is 84 Fore Street, Exeter,Devonshire,UK. Circa 1940?
The reference is Ken Rutherford “Cartridges of the British Isles”.
I have no references to making firearms.

Here are the dates for Victor and Demon

Victor as soon as 1906
Demon a soon as 1908

I am still not arrived at “the invicible” . I will let you know

I think I am in error. The cartridge shown in plate H4 No460 is definitely earlier, possibly 1920? Headstamp is- No Helson 12 Kynoch Exeter.
I thought it was Eley-Kynoch but it is 1AM and I should be in bed.Cheers.

I am not sure on “The Invincible” I do have that name listed but with a question mark?, so my three were the Demon, Victor and a Special Cartridge which I have as the earliest (1904) also
JP, I have the Victor listed as 1905 but was modified in 1907 with different case printing!
There are two different variants of the head stamping on the Demon, font and spacing vary but the wording is the same.


attached cut from a newspaper dated 1910.



Helson was selling an INVINCIBLE cartridge

loaded with black or smokeless powder in 1902.
see newspaper add dated 1902.

As you might know INVINCIBLE was a common name and several others were selling INVINCIBLE cartridges from as early as the 1880s.


Thanks Jim, I will remove the question mark from my list.

I had a quick look too and I can see 10 firms selling a cartridge called the Invincible, and I bet there were more than that