Henry Rifled Barrel Engineering and Small Arms Co


I have a .450 - 3 1/4" paper patched round headstamped HENRY 450. Question is, did the Henry Rifled Barrel Engineering and Small Arms Co. actually make this round or was it subcontracted?



Joe, this cartridge was made by Eley for Alexander Henry of Edinburgh, Scotland. The HRB company in London has no relation with these sporting cartridges.




Thanks Fede.

Ok, now educate me. Did the Alexander Henry of Edinburgh, Scotland company actually make any headstamped ammunition and if so, what was the headstamp?

Also the Henry Rifled Barrel Engineering and Small Arms Co., what was the headstamp they used?



In England, Eley, Kynoch or Kings Norton. would all headstamp cartridges for you if you paid for it. Usually a certain quantity was needed to meet the extra work required and the time out for the “normal” product production. This was true with a number of makers in Europe also.

The Henry is known in several case types, and it was not uncommon for most gun and rifle makes in England to have their own name on their shot gun shells or metallic ammunition.

As far as I know only one gun maker, Westley Richards made their own ammunition and that was a very short lived effort. I think it was only combustible cartridges & not modern metallic ammunition.



I’m not aware of any ammunition made by Alexander Henry, although he developed some of his bullets and loads, and one particular case type: the 20/.577 Express. Also, in some of his ads he also mentioned being the inventor of the ammunition adopted by the British and NSW governments (both the .577/.450 and the .45 Long Chamber are illustrated in his 1869 patent).

Regarding the Henry Rifled Barrel Engineering and Small Arms Co., this was one of several designations used by a London based company established by A. Henry to trade military rifles and barrels. As far as I know it was not involved with ammunition of any kind.




Ok guys, thanks. I got the info out of Regenstreif’s Headstamp book.




I can add a bit here. I have a letterhead here dated 1900 for the Blenheim Engineering Company (formerly the Henry Rifled Barrel Engineering and Small Arms Co.) It states that they have their own ammunition factory at Greenwich near London and that they make all types of ammunition. In the April 1900 issue of Arms and Explosives it states that both Greenwood and Batley and the Kings Norton ammunition companies leased this factory to produce metalic ammunition for the Govt. from 1896. In the proof house collection there was a .577/450 cartridge with the headstamp H.R.B. which was accredited to this company.

I am not able to submit photos on this site but if anyone wants to have a JPG copy of the mentioned letterhead I can send as an email attachment.
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Thanks for the input, much appreciated.

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Jim, great information! I wasn’t aware of the existence of a “H.R.B.” headstamp in .577/450 and I always assumed that the ammunition manufacturing capability claims made by this company were exaggerated.