Henry Rimfire Ammo info, ID

These are my Henry Rimfire copper collection. There is plenty of info on the 44 Henry Rimfire. I think its the shell 2nd from the right. I believe the end left is a 22 long. Any info. on the other calibers, ages, what rifle, revolver fired from ? Found in really old area. Thanks

.22 long and .22 long rifle had the same basic case, but a different bullet.
The Henry and the Model 1866 had two firing pins 180º apart and there were two basic case lengths, but 4 variations of loads with the bullets used. But as these were long before standardization, various manufacturers made them according to the tooling they were using at the time and so you will find case variations.
As to what fired any rimfire would need an extreme close-up picture of the firing pin strike & even then it could be a wild guess unless you were a forensic expert with a large reference collection and lots of experience in rimfire ID.
A lot of both rifles and revolvers were chambered for various rimfire cartridges of different case types.
Hope this is of help