Hensley & Gibbs molds

Does anyone know where any good selections of Hensley & Gibbs casting molds can be found these days? Or are they out of business and pretty much relegated to the occasional ebay listing? I’m looking for a model-938 (.45 cal).


You might try here. I don’t know if they carry original H&G moulds but they would probably have something close to them.



You are right Ray, Ballisti-cast has everything, and they seem to have versions of everything which H&G used to have, including the 938 among others. I was just looking for an answer as to where some of the seemingly phony “metal piercing” loads come from that I occasionally find which have pointed Arcane-style bullets, but which are made of soft lead (rarely of Zamak). And at Ballisti-cast I see that they have a mold for each of the popular pistol calibers which is meant to be an Arcane type clone to make pointed bullets from lead. From what I understand though, molding with copper, zinc, Zamak or some blend of those would produce a more capable penetrator and would also avoid offending the federal law which bans only those made of tungsten, steel, iron, bronze, brass, beryllium-copper, or uranium.