Hepler Collection Auction

IAA member Irvin Hepler passed away a few months ago and his estate is auctioning his collection. They have asked me to let collectors know. Because the May/June issue of the IAA Journal will get to most members too late for the event, I am posting information here.

The auction will take place in Mocksville, North Carolina on Friday May 3-4, 2013. The household and collectibles auction will be held on April 27, and the guns and ammo will be held on Saturday May 4. To access the auctions Web site www.auctionzip.com use Auctioneer ID # 10133.

The descriptions are a little light on details but there is a photo gallery.

Chris Punnett

It looks like there are 3 auctions, with the cartridge (and money) one being held on Friday May 3rd (guns on the 4th)

I get a zip code auction search…am I doing something wrong?

Put that number ( 10133 ) into the box on the top right corner of the linked page.