Hercules Powder Co. “Black Sporting” powder (FFFg size) tin cap

The seller thought it was related to black powder but was not sure. What is it?

How big is it? Jack

Vlad, it’s a powder tin cap. I’ll check who may be the manufacturer.



Edit: Hercules Powder Co. “Black Sporting” powder (FFFg size).

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Are these for black powder revolver use?

Wow, really cool. I have never seen the likes… interetsed in parting with one?

Yes, also shotshells and “small” rifle calibers (under .45).

Here is a picture of the tin:

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Fede: Thanks for the picture of can and cap. I was hard pressed to think that any U.S. powder manufacturer post 1900 would have sold powder in cans with push-on tops. A picture is truly worth a thousand words! Jack