Here 2 Boxes Original 8mm Mitrailleuse and 8mm Gaulois

Before, i had shown here the Remake Box by Megret, and their nice made copies of ammo.

But here now the originals,

first the Box for the Gaulois Pistol named Manufacture Francaise d´Armes et Cycles de Saint Etienne
Box Gaulois with open visible primer and fullmetal jacketed bullets, no headstamp
and second
made for Manufacture Francaise d´Armes de Saint Etienne (not “et Cycles” in the boxprint!!
(Box Mitrailleuse, with covert inside primer and lead bullets) headstamp very faint GG Monogram 8M/M,

Now not anymore easy to find…

The Box inside and the hs of the Mitrailleuse:
08,00 Mitraileuse-HS geweisst

The Gaulois ammo has NO Headstamp, but has a fmj bullet.
I show only the base of the cartrdige (no hs)
08,00 Gaulois Boden mit mm nhs


I am confused ? due to language issues.
8mm Rim-fire or center-fire ?
I have trouble with England and I have lived in the USA for 70 years :-)
Happy Easter everyone! God Bless all, stay safe.

“Percussion centrale” translates to central percussion or centre fire. If I understand correctly they are inside primed centre fire cartridges.

Do the flat bottom cartridges in the box have a crimp on the case sides close to the rim at the bottom of the case? (To hold an internal primer in place?
Also I see two picture (1.), 25 cartridges in a box with with flat bottoms, and (2.) a picture showing the bottom of one center fire cartridge. not the same items. (?)

Another label style and with original string