Here at SLICS


I am here at the show and as usual it does not disappoint. I found a slew of cartridges, and my display set-up on pistol caliber penetrators won a “best educational” IAA award - Thanks awards committee! The seminars just ended and they were interesting & informative. I have a freebie bag of MBA / Gyrojet related items from Mel which he gave to all attendees during his presentation on MBA - Thanks Mel!

Here are 2 photos of the show, which show about 80% of the floor & tables in frame (200 tables + silent auctions):

Here is my display table, close up of the case with pistol-AP cartridges, and a second angle showing the overflow of display with powerpoint on laptop:

And here are some of the great gadgety special-purpose pistol cartridges I have found at the show (several from bins for $1.00 a piece!):

Some penetrators!:


Excellent display. Kudos on the award!

I noticed the photo of Joe Zambone below. Does that mean you have examples of his 9mm KD load?

What’s the spitzer bullet load? Leaning over ^^^


Thanks Stanc, I do have some of the Magsafe “Agent” loads in .40S&W and .44mag which are AP in terms of body armor anyway. The spitzer bullet in the photo is an Israeli project to make a body armor AP load, but the project didn’t produce much. It’s lead core, and a thick pointed jacket.


Thanks. PM/e-mail sent.


Looks like a successful trip for you. How was the book received ?


I sold all of the books, so that went well. Harrie took several of them back to Holland with him. Now I’ll amek some more copies and I’ll work on a few minor photo revisions with some new items I picked up at SLICS.


Congratulations !