Here i go again 30 carbine brass/ammo questian

Please bear with me i have a couple questians
1 first how do you add or can you add pics to a post
2 OF all the 30 carbine brass i have been saveing i have one that i have not seen picture this. first draw a round circle mark at 12oclock 3oclock 6oclock 10oclock.
on this shell at 12oclock is a number 1 at 3oclock is a K1 at 6 oclock is a 81
at 10 oclock is Xll who made it thanks

rcguyme - To post photos on the forum you just create a free account at a site like, and then you upload your photos there. Once the photos are uploaded you just copy the “direct link” from the photo in the drop-down bar for the photo, and then you paste the link in a forum message here. After posting the link here in a post, you just highlight the link’s text and click on the “IMG” icon above to show it as an image after being finally posted. So e people don’t like photobucket, but I have never had a problem

Thanks for the info now to find who made the shell any help

The headstamp you described is often misread in exactly the same way you have, primarily due to the K-1 Marking. Orient the headstamp so that the lone-standing “1” is at 12 O’Clock (just as you described it) and then look at the characters at 10 OClock and 2 O’Clock on the same plane - that is, oriented in exactly the same way as the “1” as if on a straight line - and you will see that they are not a Roman Numberal and K-1, but rather two Korean Ideographs. The “81” at the bottom is the date, although the year “78” is more often encountered, the latter of both Carbine and 5.56 NATO (.223).

This is a South Korean carbine case made under the ownership of Poong Song Metal Corporation at the old Pusan Ammunition plant formerly operated by the ROK Government.

We all originally misinterpreted the headstamp, and while I wouldn’t begin to know how to search it out on this forum, I believe that there was a lengthy discussion of it on the Forum a few years ago. Not sure if it was on this current Forum or the old forum.

If you have Colonel Dave Hughes book on the 5.56 ammo and the M16, you can find a picture of the 5.56 version of the headstamp under South Korea in the ammo section.

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Thanks everyone for a quick reply that shell had me pc hopping late last night and never did find another one great info very good site