Herm W. Glaser, Zurich info wanted

A friend is seeking info on Herm W. Glaser of Zurich, and background on his business circa 1937. He assumes he was a dealer and maker of fine firearms, and probably an ammunition retailer. His curiosity stems from a Colt 1911 .38 Super which letters to Glaser (via FN in Liege) but that seems an odd caliber for the European market.
Thanks for anything you can provide about Glaser.

Here’s my notes on Glaser plus some images:

In 1906, Swiss gunmaker Walter Glaser took over the former J Knecht Gunshop at Zurich which had been in existance since 1866.

From 1914 Glaser was authorised by the EMD (EIDGENOSSISCHES MUNITIONS DEPOT) to carry out repairs of Military weapons.

Numerous catalogs are known for this business from at least 1923 & into the 1930’s and it was still active in 1941 during WW2.

In the 1930’s Glaser commercially reloaded ex M+FA 10.3x60R (SW11) with the hs milled off the cases.

Around 1943-1945 Waffen Glaser produced 8x75S (M75) from RWS rimmed 8x75RS cartridges by removing the rim and machining a groove into the case. The ammunition came from the Government ammunition depot in Thun, as each import into Switzerland was blocked by the ammunition monopoly of the Swiss State until the 60s. The boxes had the “R” crossed out and were sealed with Glaser’s own label.

In 1965 it became “GLASER WAFFEN AG” (still at Zurich).

In 1984 it was taken over by W. Schneebeli and became Glaser Handels AG which was taken over by Ruag in 2015. However, W.Glaser Waffen AG still exists as of 2021, dealing mainly in handguns.


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Thank you!