Herstal-Leige caliber 7.65 Browning Box - Found in Old House


I found a old box of ammunition in my house in Upstate New York, wondering if anyone here can tell me anything about it.


Greetings, if from a purely practical side to watch, then these cartridges can still be fired) Well, if they do not need you, you can sell it on gun show)))


From the looks of the corrosion on a few of the rounds,
I would NOT advise firing them. Also, they are old. Since
the letters do not have serifs on them, I would guess they
are from the 1920s or 1930s. The box is a little “used” but
still not in horrible shape, so some collector would probably
like to have it if you don’t plan to retain it.

John Moss


Thank you for your response!

Is there a resource for dating these boxes more precisely? A collectors catalog or something like that?


A comprehensive book on cartridge box labels would probably
have to contain 25,000 or more entries. Just keeping up with
values would be a full-time job.

In the end, anything is worth only whatever someone will pay for
it. A frustrating answer, I know, but the reality. Someone who buys
a lot of these boxes (I have not for years, so my sense of pricing
is way behind the times) would probably have a fair idea of what boxes
in that condition and in common caliber and manufacturer, would go

John Moss