Herter's Headstamps

Does any one have a copy of a Herter’s catalog which shows the various cartridges sold with a Herter’s headstamp. The catalogs were very common at one time yet they seem to have disappeared now. Thanks Vic

I know what you mean. Back in the day, I couldn’t keep a Herter’s catalog - someone always stole mine, yet I have not seen one for many years. For sure, Herter’s had 6.5X55mm brass and ammunition because I bought and used a lot of it back in the 1960s and 70s and still have some of those cases with Herter’s headstamps and Herter’s boxes. I think they carried most of the more common sizes with the Herter’s headstamp, then there’s the .401 Herter’s PowerMag.

This may help a little. From the first edition of the Handloader’s Digest (1962), the following cartridge cases are specifically listed as being available from Herter’s: .38 Special, .357 Magnum, 9mm, 6.5x55mm (see above), .30-'06, .243, .244, .270, and .308. Others may have been added later.

Unfortunately, the next Handloader’s Digest edition I have after #1 is #6 from 1972. It contains a list of Herter’s line of bullets and shotshell components, but regarding Herter’s cartridge cases it says only the following: “Available in handgun sizes from .32 S&W Long to .44 Magnum, and rifle sizes from .222 to .338”

The JOURNAL is a treasury of information. There is an index on the Home Page and no one should be without a set of the CDs. I don’t see how some of you can get along without them.

Issue #426 of the JOURNAL has Otto Witt’s headstamps of Herter’s cases.

The Herter’s catalogs can be found on the auction sites like Ebay. Some are harder to find than others and some issues are more expensive. But, I’ve managed to get 4 or 5 of the old ones. By old, I mean the 1950s and 1960s.

I grew up with Herter’s.


I think there was also some subsidiary or companion company to Herter’s called Ruhr-American or Krupp-American, anyway something Teutonic like that. Their catalogs were very similar to Herter’s. See: cornellpubs.com/old-guns/ite … em_id=2341

I think Cabela’s is the modern successor to Herter’s and sell Herter’s branded ammunition. I have not been to Cabela’s for a long time, as I don’t particularly like their prices, plus I am about 60 miles away from the closest store.

I have 42 variations in Herter’s headstamps and have not seen a new one for years. what I am trying to find out is there any more different ones out their or am I searching for something that does not exist anymore? Cabelas did come out with a new HRTRs headstamp thanks to John I have those now. Any other information? Vic

Otto showed 50 headstamps. I don’t think it’s kosher to reproduce pages of the Journal for viewing here. Otherwise there’d be no reason to subscribe to it.


Who made the old Herter’s cases? I sort of remember they were advertised in the catalog as being Swedish, but not Norma.

Svenska Metallverken made some of them, I believe.

I seem to remember getting the following info from previous IAA forum posts:

Cases headstamped “HERTER’S” were made in Sweden, Canada and Finland. Such 9mm Luger cases are identified by:

Sweden: Dots before & after “HERTER’S” : produced in Sweden by both Svenska Metallverken (often with SM primer) and later Norma,

Canada: No dots (also used ‘M/M’) : produced by Industries Valcartier Inc. Courlette, Canada,.

Finland: No dots (used ‘MM’) : produced by Sako (Petrusic).

Below is the link to the old post in the archives showing the headstamps and the country identification on the boxes. I suspect that similar headstamp variations identify various sources of cases on other calibers sold by Herter’s, but I haven’t seen anything on this posted on the Forum. More Herter’s box photos are on my website (link below in signiture).


By the way, I’m still looking for a box of LOADED 9mmP ammunition by Herter’s like the one illustrated by Gary, or any other Herter’s loaded 9mmP.



I have the CD of all the journals and just forget about it I did find the Witt’s end and found there are a few Herter’s headstamps still out there for me to collect. Thanks Everybody for your input. Vic