Hevi-Shot "Hevi Duty" #4 buck 12ga

I recently picked up a 5rd box of Hevi Shot’s relatively new “Hevi Duty” frangible buckshot in #4 buck. It was $10 for a box of 5rds, (that was a discount/sale price!) as I wanted to take one apart and see what it’s all about.

There were 30 #4 frangible buck pellets which were silver in color, as opposed to the usual sintered copper color, this is their proprietary lead free “EnvironMetal” which is some sort of Tungsten Matrix. The total weight of the buckshot was 365.5gr.

The thing that got my attention was the flax seed hulls used as a crimp-buffer. I have not seen this before, and after researching it, found that Hevi-Shot does this simply to ensure a well-buffered flat surface with no irregularities when crimping the top of the shell. Some of the seed hulls had trickled into the shot, and it might offer some degree of shot buffering as well.

The flax seed hulls registered at 18.8gr

love to have Paul section one…if you have an extra 1-2 @ SLICS :)

I would like more information if you know how it performs. But, 12.2 grains seems very lite for #4 Buck Shot! The normal/nominal weight is about 20.1 grains each and the standard load is 27 pieces of hard lead, or hard lead copper plated shot that weigh about 543 grains, plus hard plastic buffering material.
It seems to me that the light weight shot would make it carry a great deal less than the higher sectional density lead shot, and thus have very much less hitting power at range?

It is lighter, being a sintered lead alternative. At close ranges it will have a high velocity to offer adequate penetration, but it probably is not as lethal as lead buckshot at longer ranges. These longer ranges are usually always beyond typical elf-defense engagement ranges though, and is not relevant. If you do some searching online you can find videos and discussion of Hevi-Shot “Dead Coyote” which has been the hunting version of this load for several years now. It seems to kill coyotes fine at typical hunting distances.

I think the price is the thing that will relegate this item to the curiosity corner though.