Hevi Shot "Hevi-Duty" frangible ammo

I had done an Industry News column on some of the new 9mm Hevi Duty frangible ammo from Hevi-Shot a while back, and here are the rest of what they offer now. When these first came out in 9mm around spring of 2018, everything was being manufactured by Freedom Munitions for Hevi-Shot, ad cases would have “X-TREME” headstamps in 9mm. I am not sure if Freedom is still manufacturing for them or not, however the original boxes of 9mm which came out did say “Loaded by Freedom Munitions” on them, and a recent box of 10mm does not. There is also .45acp, and a couple different 12ga loads (Hevi-Shot probably does 12ga in-house). The frangible pistol bullets and 00-uckshot are made by Environ-Metal.

The 10mm auto is the most recent addition to this line of ammo, and when some came in today I was glad to see “HEVI-SHOT” headstamps. No other manufacturer is listed on the box, and if I am understanding the tiny lot number on the inside flap correctly, this box of 10mm I have was loaded in November 2018, which makes sense.



The two headstamp photos lay open the possibility that all of the Hevi-Shot ammo is now coming with a proper headstamp for that company. Anyone seen, for example, 9 mm Luger, .40 S&W and .45 Auto with the Hevi-Shot headstamp?

John Moss