Hi everybody. I’m new to collecting shells and castings

I have come across this trench art piece and would love to know more about the markings on the bottom. I have looked through pages and pages on Wikipedia and still feel baffled. Please can anyone shed some light for me.

I also have some others again I’m still looking for their history.
I will save them for another chat.
Hope you can help.
Many thanks in advance.

Hi Chubby and welcome! Although I can’t help you, I can tell you that you came to the right place. There are a lot of smart people here with a lot of great info. I am also new. I would ask the experts in what you’re interested in which books they recommend, that approach has helped me a lot! Good luck…

Welcome to the, IAA and the Forum, Lee! Someone here will ID this and will know everything about each marking, I am sure. Wish I could help, just wanted to say hey and welcome you here.


This is a Case for the British 18 Pounder field gun. This gun was used from around 1904 up until the end of WW2.

You case was manufactured in Canada in 1916. I am not sure of the exact manufacturer but someone else here will most likely know.

If it is the correct length it should be 295mm, or just under 12 inches long. These cases were often shortened for use as flower vases, ashtrays etc.

The case was made by the Canadian Cartridge Company, Hamilton, Canada. (CCS)
GZX - Denotes the ‘Lot’
The primer was manufactured by JMC - Jenckes Machine Co. Canada.

Wow thank you so much.

18 pounder fired projectile

Tim, I know the CC and CCO (ontario ?) logo’s, both with the “hooked” C’s

CC - Canadian Cartridge Company, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada CCO - Canadian Cartridge Company, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

What about this “CCS” logo?
Looks like other font for the C’s, and the ‘S’ stands for what plant/city ?