Hi Speed film clip of 120mm rnd in flight

please follow this link and see some very interesting films made with a high-speed camera.
Esp the one name Projectile is very smart. What kind of weapon is it and what is coming of the rocket after 18 seconds ?

visionresearch.com/index.cfm?sec … ge=gallery


This looks like a 120mm US tank gun firing a course correcting projectile. The controlled explosions adjusts the trajectory.

@ CSAEOD (or others) -

I understand the first separation shortly after firing is the sabot components splitting off, but after some distance, there is an explosive separation with additional elements falling away. Any idea what this about?


I know what you mean but I don’t have a clue.
There is a spinning part with numbers and a spinning part
wich seems to loose an element after an explosion?
I tried to catch the action in 2 pictures.

This is an experimental course correcting projectile. It looks like the second pop blows off the covers from course correcting venturiis.

Like you said on the first time only I did not understand!
Very smart and probably expensive projectile.

Research and development money is the life’s blood of the ordnance world.

Many steps on the way to THIS:

defense-update.com/products/ … 120MRM.htm

Alliant tech 120mm tank KE rocket projectile.

It looks like they were trying to perfect a spin-stabilized projectile that wouldn’t degrade the shaped-charge effect; normally, when you spin a shaped-charge, it loses penetrative ability because the central jet is spread over a larger radius for a shorter period.

These are KENETIC penetrators which are guided by telemetry.

CSAEOD - thanks for the additional information; most interesting!