Hi-vel packets


Hi-Vel packets from the late 1980’s I think



Nice packs!, rarely seen anymore. Were those “penetrator” variants just pointed lead bullets in the Arcane style of AP bullet?


Yep, although they seem a bit harder than lead. Maybe some other type on metal tin ect was added to the lead.



HI-VEL .44 Magnum box



Wow, that takes me back.
I still have a packet of the .223 ‘hyper-velocity’ aluminum-cored hollow points somewhere.


I have a primed case headstamped “SUPER VEL 9mm LUGER”. What sort of bullet types were loaded in cases with this headstamp?



It’s hard to say. HI-VEL loaded all kinds of specialty rounds, Hi velocity, sabot, penetrator, bee-hive ect.