Higgins 22 box


What is the headstamp inside? The box is nicely sealed.


Vlad–The headstamp is “XR” for “Xtra-Range”


Some of these were made by Federal for Sears so they could possibly have the Federal “F” headstamp if they were produced after 1960. I have one box with the “F” and originally I thought someone had refilled it with non-original rounds but later discovered that some were made by Federal. Federal made a lot of the department/retail store 22s. Ron is right though about the “XR” headstamp. That is what it should be. I’ve never been able to prove one way or another if my box was re-filled, although starting in 1962 the Higgins could have had either headstamp on them. Since this Higgins issued box was produced in the 50’s and early 60’s (prior to 1962) it’s possible that it could have an “F” headstamp if it was a later produced box.


I had to open the box to send scans to Spain.