High Pressure Test ammo boxes in .30-30 and .357 Magnum


These are supposed not to made their way to shooters.

According to the boxes, these HPT cartridges are identified by their tinned case and red lacquered bullet nose. But, ¿is a tinned case visually different from a nickel-plated one?

And what is the bullet style in the .30-30 box? 170SPCL should mean 170-grain Soft Point, if it wasn’t for the CL.




Tinning and plating are hard to tell apart, at times. But, the red bullet and/or base is a clear warning.

If the intention was that these cartridges never reach shooters (or collectors) the effort failed.

SPCL is Soft Point Core Lokt

Mr. Meketa


Tinned cases, which were used commonly “back in the day” to denote HPT loads, will generally have a “dull silvery” appearance, while nickeled cases are usually “bright and shiny”