High Speed bullet photography

Might be of interest as well done stop action photographs of bullets leaving the muzzles of a number of different firearms.


Wow! This guy knows to to do the lighting for maximum optical effect.

Very interesting link with excellent photography! Better than some of the ‘Mythbusters’ episodes on TV.

This also reminded me of a PDF I found on DTIC of a presentation by Jungans Microtec concerning the DM173 electronic fuze used in a Rheinmetall 120mm HE tank round. The last 2/3 of the presentation (Trial results) is a series of photographs taken with a high-speed camera. By clicking the advance arrow with your ‘mouse’ you can view the projectile exploding in slow motion at any speed you can muster and then you can do it in reverse with the reverse arrow!

The link: dtic.mil/ndia/2009fuze/IVAleonhardt.pdf