Hingston Smith Arms shotshells - Winnipeg

On one of the Facebook groups, a user showed the below image of some new primed empty 20ga shells in both 2.50" and 3.00" from Hingston Smith Arms Co. of Winnipeg. I guess “Prince of Wales” was the name of the product line? These are 100 packs, and I could not find other images online. No idea on the headstamp.

Here a 2.5" example. Not seen a 3" or in any other gauge.

OPPS I lied here’s a 3" same headstamp but no case wall print & slightly different tube color.


Attached a cut from my database. showing the box label.

Jim Buchanan

I also have a 20 but mine is a 3" and has no case wall printing, only the name on the head stamp (which may fit in with the labels on the boxes pictured above).



I also have only ever seen 20 bore cartridges, never seen 12 or 16 bores.

Jim Russell had this box in his collection:


Is it empty Paul?

As you, I’m sure, know that as it lists the Prince of Wales as having given a Royal Warrant, doesn’t mean the box had / has Prince of Wales shells in it.

Nice box.

Interesting it notes Normal hulls & Normal powder. These Prince of Wales now do look to be by Normal. at least to me. Having now been given such a big clue.

I’m inclined to believe the Prince of Wales shells only came in 20 Bore, but Jim’s notes quoting the ICCA issue 12/67 lead us to believe the writer was talking about H.S.A.Co. producing / offering 12, 16 & 20 bore shells but the P. of W. shells were only made & HS’ed in 20 bore.

So until we see a box or a shell…

Hi Pete,

The box was empty. Here’s a picture of the side of the box:


Looking back through the pictures of the shotshells I’d taken from Jim’s collection, I recognize only 1 shell and that is the NPE 2.5" with the printed tube.


Thanks Paul, Jim really had a great collection.