Hinks Wells pen nibs

Also found at Bisley was this box of pen nibs.

On the outbreak of the First War production on Enfield 0,303" chargers had to increase dramatically and it was to the pen-nib trade that attention turned. This was a business well used to stamping and shaping steel to fine tolerances as well as tempering them to achieve the necessary springiness. This box is a little piece of ephemera linking the two products.

Hinks Wells also produced chargers for 0,256" ammunition for Arisakas in British service.



Was Hinks & Wells a subsidiary of British Pens Limited, name shown on the bottom of box, right end? Curious to know since a bit of info I have lists British Pens Limited as producing chargers,clips and links 1939 - 1963. How common are the .256 Hinks & Wells chargers?

Thanks for the info and photos.