Hip gun ctge


This is in brass and it is designed as cartridge case used for :

  1. Derringer
  2. Special agent
  3. Hip gun
  4. Pony Express

The drawing is from Die Casting Machine Tool London England

An hip gun is a toy, isn’t it ?

Therefore must be the special ctge case for hip guns.


Yes, that is for a toy gun. I had one as a child over fifty years ago.

A couple of paper “caps” were placed at the bottom of the case and then a cast zinc/potmatal “bullet” was placed in the case. When hit by the toy gun’s hammer the caps were pinched between the case and rhe “bullet” and went off.






Here are both parts of the “cartridge”. (Not a very good photo. Sorry, I was too lazy to set everything up)

So, Tony was a wee lad over fifty years ago. Hmmmm. I wonder how many “over”.



That’s fun! So the caps actually propelled the bullet? If so, I guess it actually qualifies as a cartridge! I missed out on those when I was a kid.

I guess this shows that I still am sort of a kid so maybe I need to find one of those. :)



I don’t know what the toy pistol looks like but I don’t think the “bullet” was expelled or propelled in any way. It acted as an anvil, more-or-less.



Yes but in TonyE’s case it probably served to start him on the road to where he is today. A world wide acknowledged collector and researcher/ author.

The sad thing to realise is that possession of such a “toy” today could possibly start you on the road to jail under the “easily converted” rule.

In some ways it serves to illustrate how far things have changed in the interim.


Ray is correct, the bullet acted as the anvil and stayed where it was.

…and since you wanted to know, I will officially become an Old Age Pensioner on the 22nd of next month when I reach 65.




As of the 22nd of next month, you will have to get used to saying, “. . . as a child over 60 years ago.” ;)



oh well, I miss toys that could actually put somone’s eye out…