Hirtenberger 7,62 x 51 Purple Tip S-S Load

I would like to know if the Hirtemberger 7,62 x 51 S-S load Purple Tip, were intended for the STG 58 or for the Stey Mannlicher SSG 69.


I am not sure if there is a defined weapon but the purple tip are sniper loads.
So maybe less usefull for the STG58.

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According to Mötz, the cartridge designation is 7.62 mm Scharfschützenpatrone 70 (SSch-Patr 70) and it was intended for for SSG 69 and SSG 98k (re-barreled, scoped 98k, issued in the early 70s)

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Thank you both !!!

My father used the purple tipped hirtenbergers in the early 90s. These were only to be used in the SSG 69 in the Dutch marines.

In 1981, the argentine army puchased many SK-105 Kurassier light tanks and some SB-Greif recovery vehicles, all of them are distributed in mechanized units of southern Argentina. Among the tanks, light weapons of austrian origin began to surface in army units, Steyr AUG´s, MG 74 machine guns in 7,62x51 and many DMR SSG 69 and SSG 69 with wood stocks and diopter sights for competition. The specimens of the 7,62x51 S-S violet tip ammo we have the chance to examine have headstamps of this time frame. Fortunatelly you guys provide me very valuable information, because my army sources have no clue what I´m asking about, they said me, we just shoot it no collect it LOL !!!.

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What is the bullet weight, and the ballistic specs, please?

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Fede, thanks!!!

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