Hirtenberger 7.62x51mm purple tip Sniper loads


I have a cartridge in my collection that I have labelled as a Reduced Velocity Match cartridge.
It has a HP 84 7.62x51 h/s with NO neck crimp and a very short (5mm) purple tip.
I recently found a cartridge with a HP 71 9 h/s. It has a neck crimp and a large (11mm) purple tip.
Are these cartridges the same specification Reduced Velocity Match, or are these different cartridges?



Purple tip rounds from Hirtenberger A.G. are not Match but Sniper “SS” type rounds.
Are not differents between the long and short purple tip rounds.
Bullet weight 9,45g (146grs), Velocity (V10) 837 m/s and Gas pressure max. 3300bar.

Regards, Rob


Craigt and Rob
This is a Hirtenberger SS type round box,from the Dutch army


A pict of the top label of the box…