Hirtenberger Frangible-reportedly for FBI

The round was reportedly a product of HP. It was a bid sample in response to an FBI RFP (request for proposal) issued in the late 1990s or a bit later. Apparently HP had a US company who actually bid on the contract. This company was apparently Talon Manufacturing.

I have done some internet searching and it appears that there was a Talon Manufacturing Company, Inc founded in 1992 whose business included “manufacturing of ammunition”. They were located in Beckley WV. the only other information I could find on this company is that in 2014 a guy bought some CMP 30-06 and the box flap was marked “Packaged by Talon Mfg Co, Inc” and “www.talon.com”. When he went to the website it was closed. When I tried to find them, all I could find was Black Talon.

I suspect HP was using Talon as their US representative to bid on the contract. Clearly they didn’t win the contract. In fact, I don’t know of any FBI frangible ammo in 9mm in use at this time-frame so it is possible that no contract for production ammo was ever issued.

Does anybody have any insight into Talon, or any information on what, if anything, the FBI was using FOR non-toxic training ammunition in the mid-to-late 1990s or early 2000s???



Hi Lew,

Found this in a Talon products brochure from c. 1993. I don’t think it deals with the blue variant, just the regular HP frangible, but shows the connection between both companies.




I can add this box. The original label is in neon yellow, but I can’t copy.



Fede, Great!!! It sounds like the same bullet, probably just painted blue for the FBI! I have the FBI RFP number but don’t know how to find it on the internet. I tried Commerce
Business Daily but couldn’t figure out how to search for this RFP .

Thanks for the box label. I assume the yellow label was commercial. What does it say? Is it also a Talon box???