History of Polish Ammunition for hunting&sporting

Below effect my today’s work:
Historia polskiej amunicji myśliwskiej i sportowej | History of Polish Ammunition for hunting&sporting


Probably this is far-away from excellences but at least came into being.
This material was published by me in internet to this time and remained assembled in one place. Other materials waiting for better time ;)
(Sorry but as yet only in Polish lingual version)


Piotr, thanks a lot, great compilation!!!

Piotr, thank you very much!!!

As usual, it seems, I am the only one that can’t seem to open this file Can someone make a brief critique of its content - that is, is it just a general history, or does it get into each individual caliber?

If it is as good as the book on Polish ammo seems to be, I hope someone will translate it into English eventially. Use of the Polish language, and I do not mean this in any offensive way, severely limits the good all this research can do. I would guess that less than one percent of the world’s cartridge collectors can read Polish. Of course, this is always a problem. A large body of the information on ammunition, especially from a collector’s standpoint, is in English, and yet I fully realize that while the percentage of collectors who can read enough English to get something out of an article or book is much, much higher, it still leaves way too many people out. A problem for which there is probably no totally satisfactory solution, since many of the translating services on computers are really short on their ability to properly translate arms and ammunition terminology.

Old page was erased by provider serwer without one word explanations :/

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is still under construction … :)