History Please

Hi Folks, I was out metal detecting last night and came across an unfired cartridge.

Head stamp marking has DC Co, 32 LC

I have looked a bit for some info and have not found too much.

What is did find was that it was made by Dominion Cartridge Co in Montreal Quebec Canada and that they stopped using that business name in 1947. That the caliber is a 32 Long Colt.

It looks like it fit the COLT Police Positive Revolver.

I found it in a backyard near where the old police station was in my town that is why I am referring that firearm.

I guess I wanted to confirm my research and seek help narrowing down a time in history this may be from. With the info I have I can at least say it is 71 years old but I would like to narrow it down further if possible

Sorry the site is only allowing me to post one photo

Thanks for any info you can provide