Hodgdon ammo box

This Hodgdon ammo box is made for cartridge storage but the company presently only manufactures gun powders hodgdon.com/. Is it an old box from a time when they loaded cartridges?

These plastic injection molded cartridge cases were available from a variety of companies. They would and still will, imprint your company logo or label. MTM is probably the largest maker of this sort of box. I don’t think Hodgdon ever loaded cartridges. I am sure that this was more of a promotional/advertising product.

Vlad, in this ad published in October 1970 you can find some of the products out from their gunpowder line that were once marketed by this company, including rimfire cartridges and these plastic boxes. Regards, Fede.

Thank you both. As always, Fede, super respuesta. Just wonder, in how many languages is your library? Meaning, if my question addressed a Soviet or Hungarian box, would you also show advertisments in Russian or Hungarian?

Vlad, thanks to you for always posting interesting boxes and cartridges. I try to keep record of everything that is ammo related, no matter the language. Regards, Fede.

That’s a shock that Fede keeps “records” :)

I swore it was all rote memmory !!!

simply amazing what he “brings to the table”

keep it coming