Hoffman Magnums


Hi; I woild like any info I can get on the Hoffman magnums.



Sold by Hoffman Arms Co., Cleveland, Ohio. Cases made by Western Cartridge Company.


There was an excellent article by Michael Petrov, a real scholar on the custom gun companies, that appeared on Hoffman Arms in the February 1998 Issue of “Precision Shooting.” If you do not have this article, or access to it, send me a direct email and I will mail you a xerox copy of it. the story is way too long to recount here. I will say here that Hoffman had the habit of associating normal factory calibers, like the 375 H&H by headstamping ammunition simply “Hoffman 375 Magnum,” and the like. Their own proprietary cartridges were the .276 Dubiel and the .300 Hoffman Magnum. Again, write me with your mailing address if you want the full article.