Holiday Ammunition

As Independence Day nears here in the U.S., thoughts turn to one of my favorite types of ammunition. Often overlooked when we see them on display is the intense amount of labor required to manufacture and shoot these things . Below is a typical example of canister and symetrical break shells.

This is a finished example of a 12" symetrical break shell which is about as big as they get for most shows.

As far as BIG goes, I think the Japanese have it hands down…
This is from Kiminari Onozto/Fireworks Photo Library. This 48" monster is used for some festival in Japan and weighs about 1000 lbs. It is called “Sekaiichi Yonshakudama” which I assume roughly translates to “Big Honkin’ Firework”. Not suggested for backyard displays.


WOW !! This I really would like to see - in action !!!

The mortar tubes monument for sightseeing. These are real but spent tubes. Tallest one for 48 inch. Smallest one for 5 inch.

The Most Big Shell in the World … shell.html