Hollow Brass .45-70 Dummy

Just got one in nice condition. H/S is U.M.C. S .45-70. H.
Are these fairly common, scarce, rare? I haven’t seen one before and couldn’t resist.

Made in two bullet weight bullet-profiles the 405 gr & the 500 gr

One is harder to find them the other, & think it might be the 405, but am not 100% sure

I show the 500 at one time bringing $60 (i paid 25) but my 405 is not logged in & I’m way behind ,so that’s why I think perhaps the 405 is harder to find.

Someone else may have a better handle on that.

How does it look next to all those Tokarev’s?

I’m thinking I have the 500gr. version.
I’ll let you judge the photo composition. ;)

jonnyc, you do indeed have the 500 gr. version. Along with the 405 gr. profile Pete mentions, there is also a flat nosed Marlin version which also holds the smaller Marlin primer and all with the same headstamp.

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