Hollow Point 30-06 Originality?


I found this stripper clip of 30-06 rounds at a flea market and was wondering about if they were modified or original? Hope the pictures show everything, if not let me know. I have tried to research this and couldn’t find much at all. Any information would be appreciated.
Thanks, Shannon



Definitely not original. Somebody tried to make the FMJ bullets into a hunting type. That is something that you will find a lot.

It can also be very dangerous. Don’t try to shoot them. If the hollow point extends through the jacket into the lead core the entire core could shoot out leaving the jacket lodged in the barrel. Something you will not discover until you fire the next round. Then it’s too late.

Check that stripper clip. If it has any kind of patent dates or other markings on it, it is collectible. Even as it is, it is probably worth as much as the 5 cartridges combined.



Ray, I agree with the cartridges looking like they were modified. I wonder when and by whom. My grandfather told me a story once about his time in the service during WWII where he would check out a rifle and ammunition from the armory and go hunting alligators (he was stationed for a while in Louisiana). Perhaps a serviceman cut these down to go deer hunting?

For my edification, why is the brass charger of interest? Is it because of the dates on the cartridges?




The stripper clips are not one of my areas of interest but I do know that the old brass ones from the 1910s, 20s, and 30s are collectable and those that are stamped with patent dates etc, are even more so.

The one that Shannon shows still has the two little tabs on the ends. Most clips that you find will have them broken off from being opened and closed when used by competition shooters firing the Springfield in the olden days.

There must be a clip collector here who can tell us more about such things.



I checked the stripper clip and there is no markings at all, I wouldn’t have got that lucky. I appreciate all the information you guys have shared.