Holts sealed bid auction, London 25th Sept

Had the forum been up and running I would have posted this auction up in advance but now it has closed I still have a question. There was a reasonable amount of collectable ammunition on offer. Did anyone suceed in buying any of it?
I bid for two rifles but lost both to higher bids. Family finances are a bit stretched at the moment with one son about to go to University so I won’t be doing much bidding for a while. Come to think of it, I won’t be doing much of anything for a while.

I’ve been trawling through the results of the auction and I see that much of the ammunition did not sell. In that I am not entirely suprised because a lot of the ammunition on offer seems overpriced to me. I believe that the lower estimate of the price also acts as a reserve price for the auction and the system won’t accept a lower bid.
Part of the problem is that due to British law all purchases must be collected in person. A point that has a significant link to the Californian thread currently running on this forum, and a warning to all for the future.

All unsold lots are currently being re-offered in an internet auction running for another nine days so there is still time but I won’t be bidding because I would have to make a 200 mile round trip to collect anything should I be sucessful.

It looks like lots (excuse the pun) of items didn’t sell, for them to be running a special online sale of the unsold Lots.