Homemade bullet board


Here are a couple of pics of a “bullet board” I crafted some years ago. Anyway, there are a few more “section” photos of the board I can display, if anyone has further interest. FYI, the largest round is 30MM (of A-10 Watrhog fame), the smallest, at it’s point, is a .22 short.

Well, I’m trying to send some pics. Will try, try again.

WHEW! Got it. Finally.

And some more



and just for fun, does ANYBODY know what the last item is?


Hey Rick, that is awesome! You did a really nice job with that project.

PS: I have no clue what that last item is. Does it have something to with a ejection seat? Just a guess.


Hey Jason

Nope. Not related to aviation. But it does fly, in a somewhat spectacular way.


Missile related?


Well, sorta kinda. google APOBS.


Ahah! I did a little research and it is part of a new and improved mine clearing system that replaced the Banglador Torpedo concept. It requires 2 soldiers to deploy. Thanks Rick! Very cool item!



Very Nice! I believe I heard of something like this being fired from an Abrams tank gun once.


There is a larger version hauled into place via a tracked vehicle, not sure the ID, but clears a longer and wider area. This particular system is, as Jason said, a 2 man system. One totes the launcher and the other one the line charge. The pictured rocket motor is fired/used. You can see the burn marks from the holes in the head. 3 on each side. Would love to touch one of these off. I’ve got a fench row I’d like to clean up. Quickly.


here are a couple more views