Hornady 2007 Catalog & Poster


I just received he new 2007 catalog from Hornady. Along with the catalog was a 24 x 36 inch full color poster of all their bullets and cartridges. This poster is like the old Winchester Cartridge Board lithographs. It is REALLY nice and suitable for framing. In case any one wants a copy, call
1-800-338-3220 to request a FREE catalog by phone




I to had ordered their 2007 catalog (by email) and received just the catalog itself. Strange, although the pictures in the catalog do just fine for me.


Josh–I suggest you call the 800 number and request the poster if you want one. Perhaps your catalog was sent out before the poster was available. My catalog came with the poster and a DVD about the new products all in a plastic bag. I have signed up in the past tor the “Hornady Team”. Perhaps this is the difference. As a member of the FREE “Hornady Team” I have also received bumper stickers , jacket patchs, etc.