Hornady 2017 L.E. product book

I came across this 2017 law enforcement product guide from Hornady today. It is from 2017, and definitely seems like the sort of thing that would normally be sent to L.E., and not found on their regular website for download (it shows things like skull X-rays after Hornady ammo shooting a skull). It contains a lot of the TAP line of products, and some other not often seen products, a few of which turn up via retail internet sale, and several that never do. The .pdf file is downloadable, but requires a 90 second countdown to wait to download the file after you initially click on it, unless you give the host website a like or a +1 to immediately download (I just waited).

I was surprised to see what look like several new frangible products, which are all L.E. only, and I have never seen before. They show a 12ga TAP 3/4oz “Entry slug” on page 193, and it appears to be just a basic frangible hollow-base / hollow-point 325gr option from CTX or whatever. The pistol lineup of frangible ammo shows that they have black primers as well, and all of the pistol loads are listed as “100% lead free”, so these might be Zeta-Pi primers? These will eventually turn up on Gunbroker I’m sure. Here are pages for the 9mm frangible and the 12ga Entry slug:

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Matt, you can dowload this document at their LE website:


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thanks gentlemen